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  • Nora

5 pages a day, you'll be done by May!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Always wanting to read Nelson Mandela's biography, I finally got it for my birthday this January. Little did I know how long it was. 751 pages! As someone who easily gets discouraged by a high number of pages (apart from the Harry Potter series to be fair), I had to come up with a plan cause I really wanted to read the book. Therefore, “5 pages a day, you’ll be done by May” was born. Dividing that big number into manageable smaller parts helped me achieve my goal this May!

I’ll spare a joke about the book’s title in connection to my reading, but when, in March, I found out that there was a biopic with Idris Elba out there, I was tempted to just watch that instead.

In a time where we constantly rob ourselves of deep emotional connections to the story and characters by binge watching, I was glad that by spending a short amount of time every day for these five months, I lived through this exceptional man's story, and therefore experienced a deeper understanding of time and duration.


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