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  • Nora

Doormat or Doormad?

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

A visual example... When I vacuum my doormat, I always wonder if I should vacuum my neighbour’s as well. I am already holding the vacuum cleaner in my hand, right? Of course I wouldn’t mind spending another 30 seconds to do it. BUT: I don’t do it, because to me it feels patronising. It is their doormat, their decision. If someone vacuumed my doormat I’d feel like they...

  • are telling me off

  • expect that I do the same for them

  • expect that my doormat is always vacuumed

  • think that I am a litterbug

  • control me or want to control me

Another person might look at it and think: why so selfish? She is already holding that vacuum cleaner in her hands, can’t she just spend 30 seconds more on that? That’s why I think it is important to not immediately judge a situation or motive but to look at it from other perspectives.


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