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Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question. What is Neuzugang and who are these people? We, that’s Vinnie and Nora, two creatives and educators, originally from Austria, but living in Greenwich, London for over 12 years. We chose the Octopus as a symbol for our different classes but also because those creatures are cool.

Neuzugang is German and can be translated either as A New Addition or A New Approach.

We would love to offer you a new approach to learning and you can welcome a new skill or mindset as a new addition to your life.

Vinnie’s classes: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano (beginners), Music Theory, Songwriting, Music Production.

Nora’s classes: All You Can Beat, Drums, Practice Pad.

Vitamin D, Vitamin D at home, German.

For further questions about us, our classes or what that image shows, just contact us.


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