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As you might know from previous blog entries, studies show that one of the reasons time seems to run faster when we grow older is that we have less FIRSTS in our lives. During the last 11 days, we were confronted with a big First: the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and for many people experiencing the first King. Although not a cheerful occasion, did you feel that time was running slower? Especially in the first days? As we get used to new situations, time starts to run faster again. That is why time also seems to run slower at the start of a holiday and faster towards the end. But how can we counteract that phenomenon in our daily lives?

Even small FIRSTS can make a huge difference.

Some ideas could be:

  • Climbing a mountain (not in my top 10 list)

  • taking the afternoon off

  • tapping on the tube map without looking and going there

  • cooking a new meal from another country maybe

  • brushing your teeth with your weak hand

  • watching a film you haven’t seen before

  • talking to a random person

  • planting a tree

What were your FIRSTS you unconsciously did or experienced last week?

We always try to include FIRSTS in our lessons or encourage our (adult) students to look out for them.

Yes, that photo is part of my phone's personal art project called: my bag photos.


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