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  • Nora


As a teenager, I was obsessed with tapes, but also the new shit in town: Mini Discs! I not only had a regular sized Mini Disc playe(same size as a CD player) but also a portable one. And you could make mixtapes all day long with all your favourite music. I even once recorded a whole film: “What Dreams May Come” in order to listen to it on a long train journey.

A few weeks ago I found my old portable one and found a Mini Disc in it (all the other discs are safely stored in a storage room). To my surprise the player was still working so I was thrown into my youth by hearing some of these songs for the first time since I was watching Dawson’s Creek back in good old Tirol. The mixtape’s name: Female Power. I started listening to the first song and I have to say: How good is Cher’s “The Power”?

You can really feel the empowerment happening but also feel a sense of melancholy and yearning by listening to her voice, the lyrics and the overall perfect production of a song.

The power of a song can open up so many emotions. And just like that 3,56 minute long song that throws us through all those emotions, we experience so many different emotions during our days. And they are all valid and in the end beautiful, cause they make us human.

Which songs can you think of that create a lot of different emotions in you?


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